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Global Birds
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Each photo gallery represents a taxonomic group of convenient size, typically a family as defined by the IOC.

A Accentors, Dunnock Prunellidae
Albatrosses Diomedeidae
Anhingas Anhingidae
Anis & Allies Cuculidae
Antpittas Grallariidae
Antshrikes, Antvireos Thamnophilidae
Araçaris & Allies Ramphastidae
Apostlebird, White-winged Chough Corcoracidae
Argus (Great) & Allies Phasianidae
African Barbets Lybiidae
Asian Barbets Megalaimidae
Auklets & Other Auks Alcidae
Auks (Auklets, Guillemots, Murres, Murrelets, Puffins) Alcidae
Australian Magpie & Allies Artamidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Avocets & Stilts Recurvirostridae
B Babblers (Australasian) Pomatostomidae
Babbler, Golden Timaliidae
Babblers, Ground Pellorneidae
Babblers, Old World Leiothrichidae
Babblers, Sylviid Sylviidae
Bananaquit Thraupidae
Barbets (African) Lybiidae
Barbets (Asian) Megalaimidae
Barbets (New World) Capitonidae
Barbets (Toucan) Semnornithidae
Bazas & Allies Accipitridae
Becards & Allies Tityridae
Bee-eaters Meropidae
Bellbirds (Australasian) Oreoicidae
Bellbird (New Zealand) & Allies Meliphagidae
Bishops & Allies Ploceidae
Bitterns & Allies Ardeidae
Blackbirds (New World) & Allies Icteridae
Blackbirds (Old World) & Allies Turdidae
Bluebirds & Allies Turdidae
Bluethroat & Allies Muscicapidae
Boatbill (Yellow-breasted) Machaerirhynchidae
Boobies, Gannets Sulidae
Bowerbirds, Catbirds Ptilonorhynchidae
Brilliants & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Bristlebirds Dasyornithidae
Broadbills Eurylaimidae
Brolga, Cranes (Sarus) Gruidae
Brush-turkey, Scrubfowl Megapodiidae
Budgerigar & Allies Psittacidae
Bufflehead & Allies Anatidae
Bulbuls Pycnonotidae
Bullfinches & Allies Fringillidae
Buntings & Allies Emberizidae
Buntings (Snow) & Allies Calcariidae
Bush Tanagers & New World Sparrows Passerellidae
Bush-hen & Allies Rallidae
Bush Larks & Allies Alaudidae
Bushtit & Allies Aegithalidae
Bustards Otididae
Butcherbirds & Allies Artamidae
Buttonquails Turnicidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Buzzards & Allies Accipitridae
C Caciques (Yellow-rumped) & Allies Icteridae
Caracaras & Allies Falconidae
Cardinal (Red-capped) & Allies Thraupidae
Cassowary, Emu Casuariidae
Catbirds (Australian), Bowerbirds Ptilonorhynchidae
Chachalacas, Guans Cracidae
Chaffinch (Eurasian) & Allies Fringillidae
Chats (Australian) & Allies Meliphagidae
Chats (Old World) & Allies Muscicapidae
Chickadees & Allies Paridae
Chough (Red-billed) & Allies Corvidae
Chough (White-winged), Apostlebird Corcoracidae
Chowchilla, Logrunner Orthonychidae
Cicadabird & Allies Campephagidae
Cinclodes Furnariidae
Cisticolas Cisticolidae
Cock-of-the-rock & Allies Cotingidae
Cockatiel, Cockatoos, Galah, Gang-gang Cacatuidae
Cockatoos, Cockatiel, Galah, Gang-gang Cacatuidae
Condor (Californian) & Vultures (New World) Cathartidae
Conebills & Allies Thraupidae
Coots & Allies Rallidae
Coquettes & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Cormorants Phalacrocoracidae
Coronets & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Coucals & Allies Cuculidae
Cowbirds & Allies Icteridae
Crab Plover Dromadidae
Crakes & Allies Rallidae
Cranes (Sarus), Brolga Gruidae
Crows, Ravens Corvidae
Cuckoos & Allies Cuculidae
Cuckooshrikes & Allies Campephagidae
Curlews & Allies (see also Stone-Curlews/Thick-knees) Scolopacidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Currawongs & Allies Artamidae
D Darters Anhingidae
Dippers Cinclidae
Divers (Loons) Gaviidae
Diving-Petrels Pelecanoididae
Dollarbird & Rollers Coraciidae
Donacobius Black-capped Donacobiidae
Dotterels, Plovers, Lapwings Charadriidae
Doves, Pigeons Columbidae
Dowitchers & Allies Scolopacidae
Drongos Dicruridae
Ducks & Allies Anatidae
Dunlin & Allies Scolopacidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Dunnock, Accentors Prunellidae
E Eagles & Allies Acciptridae
Egrets & Allies Ardeidae
Eiders & Allies Anatidae
Elaenias & Allies Tyrannidae
Emeralds & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Emu, Cassowary Casuariidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Euphonias & Allies Fringillidae
F Fairywrens, Grasswrens Maluridae
Falcons & Allies Falconidae
Fantails & Allies Rhipiduridae
Fernwren & Allies Acanthizidae
Figbird & Allies Oriolidae
Finches [Estrildid] & Allies Estrildidae
Finches [Fringillid] Fringillidae
Finches (Large-footed & Yellow-thighed) & NW Sparrows Passerellidae
Fireback (Crested) & Allies Phasianidae
Firecrest (Common) & Allies Regulidae
Firetails & Allies Estrildidae
Flamingos (Greater) Phoenicopteridae
Flickers & Allies Picidae
Flowerpeckers & Allies Dicaeidae
Flowerpiercers & Allies Thraupidae
Flycatcher-shrikes & Allies Tephrodornithidae
Flyrobins Petroicidae
Flycatchers (Monarch) & Allies Monarchidae
Flycatchers (New World/Tyrannid) & Allies Tyrannidae
Flycatchers (Old World) & Allies Muscicapidae
Flycatchers (Silky-) Ptiliogonatidae
Forktail (Slaty-backed) & Allies Muscicapidae
Francolins & Allies Phasianidae
Friarbirds & Allies Meliphagidae
Frigatebirds Fregatidae
Frogmouths Podargidae
Fulmars, Petrels, Shearwaters Procellariidae
Fulvetta (Mountain) Pellorneidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Fulvetta (White-browed) Sylviidae
G Gadwall & Allies Anatidae
Galah, Gang-gang, Cockatiel, Cockatoos Cacatuidae
Gallinules, Crakes, Rails Rallidae
Gannets, Boobies Sulidae
Geese & Allies Anatidae
Gerygones & Allies Acanthizidae
Gibberbird & Allies Meliphagidae
Gnatcatchers & Gnatwrens Polioptilidae
Go-away-birds Musophagidae
Godwits & Allies Scolopacidae
Goldcrest Regulidae
Goldfinches & Allies Fringillidae
Goosander & Allies Anatidae
Goose (Magpie) Anseranatidae
Goshawks & Allies Acciptridae
Grackles & Allies Icteridae
Grassbird (Cape) & Allies Macrosphenidae
Grassbirds & Allies Locustellidae
Grassquits & Allies Thraupidae
Grasswrens, Fairywrens Maluridae
Grebes Podicipedidae
Greenfinch (European) & Allies Fringillidae
Greenlet (Golden-fronted) Vireonidae
Greenshanks & Allies Scolopacidae
Grosbeaks & Allies Cardinalidae
Grosbeak (Evening) & Allies Fringillidae
Ground-Hornbills Bucorvidae
Grouse (Sooty) & Allies Phasianidae
Guans, Chachalacas Cracidae
Guineafowl (Helmeted) Numididae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Gulls Larini
H Hamerkop Scopidae
Hardhead & Allies Anatidae
Harriers & Allies Acciptridae
Hawks & Allies Acciptridae
Hermits & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Herons & Allies Ardeidae
Hoatzin Opisthocomidae
Hobbies & Allies Falconidae
Honeycreepers & Allies Thraupidae
Honeyeaters & Allies Meliphagidae
Hoopoe Upupidae
Hornbills Bucerotidae
Hornero (Pacific) Furnariidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Hummingbirds & Allies Trochilidae
I Ibises, Spoonbills Threskiornithidae
Incas & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Iora (Green) Aegithinidae
J Jabiru (Australian), Storks Ciconiidae
Jacamars Gabulidae
Jacanas Jacanidae
Jackdaw & Allies Corvidae
Jaegers, Skuas Stercorariidae
Jays & Allies Corvidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Juncos & Allies Passerellidae
K Kagu Rhynochetidae
Kea Strigopidae
Kestrels & Allies Falconidae
Kingbirds & Allies Tyrannidae
Kingfishers, Kookaburras Part Coraciiformes
Kiskadees & Allies Tyrannidae
Kites & Allies Acciptridae
Kittiwakes & Gulls Laridae: Larini
Knots & Allies Scolopacidae
Koels & Allies Cuculidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Kookaburras, Kingfishers Part Coraciiformes
L Lammergeier & Allies Acciptridae
Lapwings, Plovers, Dotterels Acciptridae
Larks & Allies Alaudidae
Laughingthrushes, OW Babblers & Allies Leiothrichidae
Leaf Warblers Phylloscopidae
Leafbirds Chloropsidae
Limpkin Aramidae
Linnets & Allies Fringillidae
Longspurs & Allies Calcariidae
Logrunner, Chowchilla Orthonychidae
Loons Gaviidae
Lorikeets & Allies Psittacidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Lyrebird (Superb) Menuridae
M Macaws & other Parrots Psittacidae
Magpie (Australian) & Allies Artamidae
Magpies (Corvid) & Allies Corvidae
Magpie Goose Anserantidae
Magpie-lark & Allies Monarchidae
Malkohas & Allies Cuculidae
Mallard & Allies Anatidae
Manakins Pipridae
Mangoes & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Mannikins & Allies Estrildidae
Martins, Swallows Hirundinidae
Meadowlark (Western) & Allies Icteridae
Megapodes Megapodiidae
Mergansers & Allies Anatidae
Mesia, Silver-eared & Allies Leiothrichidae
Miners & Allies Meliphagidae
Minivets & Allies Campephagidae
Minla, Blue-winged & Allies Leiothrichidae
Mistletoebird & Allies Dicaeidae
Monarch Flycatchers & Allies Monarchidae
Mockingbirds & Allies Mimidae
Moorhens & Allies Rallidae
Motmots Momotidae
Mound-builders Megapodiidae
Munias & Allies Estrildidae
Murrelets & Other Auks Alcidae
Murres & Other Auks Alcidae
Mynas, Starlings Sturnidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Myzomelas & Allies Meliphagidae
N Native-hens & Allies Rallidae
Needletails & Allies Apodidae
New World Barbets Capitonidae
Night-Herons & Allies Ardeidae
Nighthawks & Allies Caprimulgidae
Nightjars & Allies Caprimulgidae
Niltava (Rufous-bellied) & Allies Muscicapidae
Noddies & Allies Laridae: Sternini
Nunbirds & Puffbirds Bucconidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Nuthatches Sittidae
O Origma/Rockwarbler & Allies Acanthizidae
Orioles (New World) & Allies Icteridae
Orioles (Old World) & Allies Oriolidae
Oropendulas & Allies Icteridae
Ospreys Pandionidae
Ostriches Struthionidae
Oystercatchers Haematopodidae
Owlet-Nightjar Aegothelidae
Owls (Barn) Tytonidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Owls (Typical or Hawk) Strigidae
P Painted Snipe Rostratulidae
Palm-Swifts & Allies Apodidae
Parakeets & Allies Psittacidae
Pardalotes Pardalotidae
Parrot-Finches & Allies Estrildidae
Parrotlets & Allies Psittacidae
Parrots & Allies Psittacidae
Partridge (Chukar) & Allies Phasianidae
Parulas & Allies Parulidae
Pauraque & Allies Caprimulgidae
Peafowl (Green) & Allies Phasianidae
Peewees & Allies Tyrannidae
Pelicans Pelecanidae
Penguins Spheniscidae
Petrels, Shearwaters Procellariidae
Petronias, Sparrows Passeridae
Phalaropes & Allies Scolopacidae
Pheasant (Common) & Allies Phasianidae
Phoebes & Allies Tyrannidae
Piculets, Woodpeckers Picidae
Pigeons, Doves Columbidae
Pintail & Allies Anatidae
Pipits & Wagtails Motacillidae
Pittas Pittidae
Plains-wanderer Pedionomidae
Plovers, Lapwings, Dotterels Charadriidae
Pochards & Allies Anatidae
Potoo (Great) Nyctibiidae
Pratincoles Glareolidae
Prinias & Allies Cisticolidae
Prions Procellariidae
Puffbirds & Nunbirds Bucconidae
Puffins & Other Auks Alcidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Pygmy-Geese & Allies Anatidae
Q Quail (Brown) & Allies Phasianidae
Quail (Californian) Odontophoridae
Quail-thrushes & Whipbird (Eastern) Psophodidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Quetzals & Trogons Trogonidae
R Racket-tails & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Rail-Babbler (Malaysian) Eupetidae
Rails & Allies Rallidae
Ravens, Crows Corvidae
Razorbill & Other Auks Alcidae
Redpolls & Allies Fringillidae
Redshanks & Allies Scolopacidae
Redstarts (Old World) & Allies Muscicapidae
Reed Warblers & Allies Acrocephalidae
Rheas Rheidae
Riflebirds Paradisaeidae
Rifleman & Allies Acanthisittidae
Ringnecks & Allies Psittacidae
Robins (Australasian) Petroicidae
Robins (New World) & Allies Turdidae
Robins (Old World) & Allies Muscicapidae
Rock Thrush (Blue) & Allies Muscicapidae
Rockwarbler & Allies Acanthizidae
Rollers & Dollarbirds Coraciidae
Rook & Allies Corvidae
Rosellas & other Parrots Psittacidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Ruff & Allies Scolopacidae
S Sabrewings & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Saltators & Allies Thraupidae
Sanderling & Allies Scolopacidae
Sandpipers & Allies Scolopacidae
Sapphires & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Sapsuckers & Allies Picidae
Screamers Anhimidae
Scrubfowl, Brush Turkey Megapodiidae
Scrubwrens & Allies Acanthizidae
Seriemas Cariamidae
Seedeaters & Allies Thraupidae
Serins & Allies Fringillidae
Shags & Cormorants Phalacrocoracidae
Shama (White-rumped) & Allies Muscicapidae
Shearwaters, Petrels Procellariidae
Shelducks & Allies Anatidae
Shovelers & Allies Anatidae
Shrikes Laniidae
Shrikethrushes Pachycephalidae
Shriketits & Allies Pachycephalidae
Sibia, Long-tailed & Allies Leiothrichidae
Silky-Flycatchers Ptiliogonatidae
Silvereye, White-eyes Zosteropidae
Siskins & Allies Fringillidae
Sittella (Varied) Neosittidae
Skimmer (Black), Terns, Noddies Sternini & Rynchopini
Skuas, Jaegers Stercorariidae
Skylarks & Allies Alaudidae
Snipes & Allies See also Painted Snipe Scolopacidae
Snow Buntings & Longspurs Calcariidae
Solitaires & Allies Turdidae
Songlarks & Allies Locustellidae
Sora & Allies Rallidae
Sparrow (Java) & Allies Estrildidae
Sparrowhawks & Allies Acciptridae
Sparrows (New World) & Allies Passerellidae
Sparrows (Old World) Passeridae
Spiderhunters & Allies Nectariniidae
Spinebills & Allies Meliphagidae
Spinetails & Allies Apodidae
Spinifexbird & Allies Locustellidae
Spoonbills, Ibises Threskiornithidae
Starlings, Mynas Sturnidae
Stilts & Avocets Recurvirostridae
Stints & Allies Scolopacidae
Stone-Curlews/Thick-knees Burhinidae
Storks, Jabiru Ciconiidae
Storm-Petrels Oceanitidae & Hydrobatidae
Sugarbird (Cape) Promeropidae
Sunangels & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Sunbittern Eurypygidae
Sunbirds & Spiderhunters Nectariniidae
Sungrebe Heliornithidae
Swallows, Martins Hirundinidae
Swamphens & Allies Rallidae
Swans & Allies Anatidae
Swifts & Allies Apodidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Sylphs & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
T Tailorbirds & Allies Cisticolidae
Tanagers & Allies Thraupidae
Tanagers (Bush) & Allies Passerellidae
Tanagers (Flame-coloured, Red-crowned Ant, Western) & Allies Cardinalidae
Tapaculo (Spillmann's) Rhinocryptidae
Tattlers & Allies Scolopacidae
Teal & Allies Anatidae
Terns & Allies Sternini
Thick-knees/Stone-Curlews Burhinidae
Thrushes & Allies Turdidae
Thrushes, Rock, Whistling & Allies Muscicapidae
Thornbills & Allies Acanthizidae
Tiger-Herons & Allies Ardeidae
Titmice & Allies Paridae
Tits Paridae
Tityras & Allies Tityridae
Tomtit & Allies Petroicidae
Toucan Barbets Semnornithidae
Toucanets & Allies Ramphastidae
Toucans & Allies Ramphastidae
Towhees & Allies Passerellidae
Treecreepers (Australasian) Climacteridae
Treecreepers (Old World & New World) Certhiidae
Treeswifts Hemiprocnidae
Treepie (Rufous) & Allies Corvidae
Trillers & Allies Campephagidae
Trogons & Quetzals Trogonidae
Tropicbirds Phaethontidae
Tui & Allies Meliphagidae
Turacos Musophagidae
Turkey (Wild) & Allies Phasianidae
Turnstones & Allies Scolopacidae
Twite & Allies Fringillidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Tyrants & Allies Tyrannidae
V Vultures (New World) & Condors Cathartidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Vultures (Old World) & Allies Acciptridae
W Waders (typical) & Allies (See also Plovers & Allies) Scolopacidae
Wagtails & Pipits (not Willie-Wagtail) Motacillidae
Warblers (Australian) Gerygones & Allies Acanthizidae
Warblers Leaf & Allies Phylloscopidae
Warblers (New World/Wood) & Allies Parulidae
Warblers (Old World) & Allies Sylviidae
Warblers Reed- & Allies Acrocephalidae
Warblers (Wood/New World) & Allies Parulidae
Warbling-Finches & Allies Thraupidae
Waterhens & Allies Rallidae
Wattlebirds & Allies Meliphagidae
Waxwings Bombycillidae
Weavers & Allies Ploceidae
Weka & Allies Rallidae
Wheatears & Allies Muscicapidae
Whimbrel & Allies Scolopacidae
Whipbird (Eastern) & Quail-thrushes Psophodidae
Whistlers & Allies Pachycephalidae
Whistling Thrushes & Allies Muscicapidae
Whistling-Ducks & Allies Anatidae
White-eyes, Silvereye Zosteropidae
White-winged Chough, Apostlebird Corcoracidae
Whiteface (Southern) & Allies Acanthizidae
Whitethroat & Allies Part Sylviidae
Wigeon & Allies Anatidae
Willet & Allies Scolopacidae
Willie-wagtail & Allies Rhipiduridae
Wood Wrens & Wrens Troglodytidae
Woodcreepers Furnariidae
Woodhen (Lord Howe) & Allies Rallidae
Woodnymphs & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Woodpeckers & Allies Picidae
Woodstars & other Hummingbirds Trochilidae
Woodswallows & Allies Artamidae
Wrens (See also Fairywrens Scrubwrens & New Zealand Wrens) Troglodytidae
Wrens (Australasian) Maluridae
Wrens (New Zealand) Acanthisittidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Wrentit & Allies Sylviidae
Y Yellowhammer Emberizidae
Yellowlegs & Allies Scolopacidae
Click to go back up to alphabetic index Yuhina (Stripe-throated) & Allies Zosteropidae

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Map of World showing photographic sites

Map of World showing photographic locations in red.

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